Located at the heart of Zurich, 5 minutes walking distance from the main railway station is the V-BAR. A cultural mixing pot of drinking habits of former USSR and The West, vodka meets vino. The political propaganda of the both sides portrayed the negative aspects of former opponents, at V-Bar we try to show what positive was hidden behind iron curtain.

V – for vodka.
V-Bar offers a journey to the bar culture of Russia. A full bar with a large selection of vodka, accompanied with Zakuska, which is Russian for finger food, will make your after work drink amusing and culturally enlightening. Specialties like blini with caviar, salted vegetables, smoked and cured fish variety make the vodka drinking a unique experience. Na zdarovje.

V-for vino.
If the burning vodka is not an option, we offer some unique wines from old as well new world producers, Swiss, Italian and even Armenian wines accompanied with traditional varieties of cheese and cold cuts. Cheers.